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Got a million dollar app idea? I want to hear it, and this is why…

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Got a million dollar app idea? I want to hear it, and this is why…

Post by Abdulla on 12th April 2015, 8:25 pm

Hey Guys, You won’t believe the state of internet marketing even if I told you, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m not sure how much you keep with with the news from the major traffic sources online (Facebook, Google etc), but they are pretty much taking a .44 Magnum and pulling the trigger at small businesses (under 10 mil revenues p.a) all across the globe. Adwords has pretty much told affiliate marketers (anybody who doesn’t own the product they are selling) to get stuffed and take their $$ somewhere else.

Facebook has all but banned affiliates with their latest crackdown a few months back on folks promoting dating websites. They are banning accounts as if there is some sort of terrorist activity going on with them. According to over 1.2 billion ($1,200,000,000) is generated from the online dating niche every year... And that is a wild guess at best.

Affiliates make up a massive chunk of that (all of the big dating sites have hundreds of thousands of affiliates pimping their products)...
Fancy that..Google and Facebook have stopped accepting our money. I know, they have their reasons and don’t want to deal with the small fry anymore - so this means we have to look outside of the “old” platforms. Mobile is the one platform where there is hope for newbies and seasoned online gurus to make money in the exact same way. I can’t imagine how much money our stealth affiliate brothers must have been making when FB was first opened for ads, but it would be a princely sum... But now that opportunity is replayed, but with 20x more potential.

If you haven’t gone over to AppsZero to make some apps and pump them onto the Matrix-like shelves of the app stores - you might as well give up right now. See, the online marketing world is made up of two types of people:

Guys that see an opportunity, and then sleep on it for a few days, Google it for hours on end, make up a pros and cons sheet, go to the “buy now” page and hover over the button ready to purchase, check their bank balance, Google some more, check out some reviews until they freak themselves out. Then they go back to looking up hot chicks online and whinging about how they never crack the big time.

There are guys who give things a go. These guys are the winners online - they don’t muck around, they just get stuck in instead of complaining and looking for a fault with the plan. The first group don’t stand a chance. If you have an idea for an app, and a week later somebody makes it - they are cashing in on your brain waves my friend. If you’d made that app and it sold like hot cakes for a week, the other guy wouldn’t have even tried to compete. The internet world moves at light speed compared to the old days of
merchant traders, sailing the seven seas with a life savings invested in pork bellies on the poop deck . Even compared to 20 years ago the world is moving at a tremendous pace. Read any internet marketing blog, or any business book, and you will
hear the same advice:

Move fast, make decisions fast, and don’t change them in a hurry. The guys who kick ass and take names in this world don’t screw around and procrastinate, they just choose something and get balls deep into it.

Who are you?
The bank balance checker, the “I’ll think about it” guy, the procrastinator, the schmucko who always seems to miss the train? Or are you a guy that gets what he wants and takes no b.s? Are you Father Intintola or Tony Soprano? Get out there, make some apps, make some big cash and I’ll see you on the other side you hardcore hustler. Click Here!



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