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iPhone Tips,Tricks & Best Apps

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iPhone Tips,Tricks & Best Apps

Post by Abdulla on 12th April 2015, 9:16 am

Hey there Guys!

I have conducted a quick search for a thread such as this one and there
does not seem to be one so I would like to make this thread the iPhone Tips, Tricks and best/interesting Apps thread! With added battery tips.

Below will be posted some tips and tricks that I think are significant/useful. I understand that most current users of the iPhone will know about the following, but I hope this is useful to beginners Smile

1. Activating Caps Lock & Turning Keyboard Auto Correction OFF:
To activate Caps Lock tap Settings > General > Keyboard & Slide "Enable Caps Lock" to "ON".
To turn of Keyboard Auto Correction tap Settings > General > Keyboard & slide "Auto-Correction to "ON"

2. Scrolling to the top of a page in Safari:
To scroll to the top of a web page, simply tap the "top bar" which has the battery, time and network located on it. This also works on all Apps, does not need to be in Safari.

3. Domain Suffixes:
To change a domain suffix when in Safari, hold the ".com" key for ".net, .edu, .org" keys.

4. Soft Reset:
Press and hold the home button and the sleep button to reset the phone. This also is a good way to make sure there is no extra Apps running in the background that will drain your battery.

5. Taking a Screenshot:
Pwning teh n00bz? Wish you could take a Screenshot of your Top Score? You can! To take a screenshot, hold the home button and click the sleep button. The screenshot will be stored in your camera roll.

6. Inserting a Period:
When typing on the iPhone, simply double tap the space bar and this will insert a period after a word and also add a space so you can continue to type.

7. Making a Call from Safari:
If you find a phone number you wish to call whilst in Safari, you do not need to switch to the phone app, you can just tap the number and the iPhone will dial it immediately.

8. Quick Access to iPod Controls In Any Application & On Lock Screen:
If you listen to music while surfing the web or using other applications, you may encounter a time when you need to access the iPod controls without quitting your application. All you need to do is double push the home button to bring up the iPod controls in the app you are using. This also works at the lock screen so you can use the iPod without unlocking the phone.

9. Interested in Jail-breaking your iPhone?:
Simply follow this tutorial, it's easy!
Jailbreak all iPhone, iPodTouch FW:2.2.1
For any other versions/info visit D7's channel

10. iPhone headphone "Clicker" Operations:
Yes, the microphone on your headphones also works as a clicker which can do various things. While an receiving a call, pinch it once to answer, once more to terminate the call and to send the call to voice mail, double pinch.
When using the Clicker in the iPod app... Pinch once to pause the song, Pinch once more to resume playback, and also pinch twice to skip to next song.

For now I shall leave it at these 10. They may not be that great, but there is surely more to come Smile


Battery Tips

1. Dim the Screen brightnessBelow halfway saves a significant amount of battery. Change this by going to Settings > Brightness.

2. WiFi OFF, Scanning OFFIf you are not using WiFi turn it off. Also turn WiFi scanning off if you don't need to search for connections.

3. Toggle off 3G until neededIf you are in an area with no 3G coverage, turn it off.

4. Set the Auto-Lock period to 1 minuteChange this under Settings > General > Auto-lock. This will ensure it is always on standby when not in use.

5. Set Push to Off, and Set Fetch TimePush will "push" your emails to you rather than you having to manually check when you receive an email. This saves battery, so if there is no problem manually checking your mail, turn this off. Also turn Fetch off if you don't need it, Fetch will synchronise calendar, contacts and emails. Find this in Settings > Fetch New Data.

6. Turn off "Location Services"Some apps may require the use of Location Services, but If it is not important to you, switch it off.

7. Turn off BluetoothSettings > General > Bluetooth > Off.

8. Turn off the music equalizer (EQ)While this may give an improve to your music, it also reduces battery life. If you do not care for the EQ much, switch it off.

9. Let the battery completely drain and then fully charge it Apple recommends that this cycle is performed at least once per month.

10. Use Airplane mode more often When in low or no coverage areas, switch Airplane mode on to conserve battery. Also when you don't need the phone for calls etc., switch it on.


Go ahead and share your Favorited & cool Apps (which can be games, educational, business apps etc) that you use most everyday.
Also discuss new/useful apps here!

My Favourite are:

1. IM+ (Instant Messaging)
2. Ocarina
3. Dance Dance Revolution
4. Optus Usage
5. Biggest Brain

[b]Google Sniper | Google Sniper Review | Google Sniper 3.0 Review


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